Fixed: Page not found -

Recently, some links to PDF files were failing with "page not found" or similar errors. This problem is now fixed. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Fixed: Slow searches!!! -

Finally found the cause of the slow searches for both photos and cemeteries. We felt it was related to some update from last spring -- probably in March -- but we had not been able to locate the problem. An update today to the search software fixed the issue. We hope that the fix will not introduce any new errors (and usually they do not). 

Fixing this is a relief as it was very frustrating for both the users of the website *and* the website developer.

Contact us changes -

Various changes to improve how you can contact us:

  • Contact / Feedback form
  • Thumbnail request form
  • Added reply address to the photo thumbnail request email links
  • Added reply address to the grave info/contact email links

Photo thumbnail requests -

You can now submit a request to scan an item that is not scanned. You can tell that this will be necessary if you see the generic camera icon with the caption "Request Thumbnail".

Request thumbnail

There is now a link below that icon to initiate an email requesting that item.

Links for Graves -

Added two new links on the Grave detail page:

  • Under Obituary, the text displayed is now a link to create an email
  • At the bottom of the page is a link to submit a Command or Correction by email

Both links will partially fill out the Subject and Body of the email.

The user can still use the general Contact form to send contact us.

Thumbnail Requests -

To make it easier to submit thumbnail requests, a new menu item — "Thumbnail Requests" — has been added to the Tools menu. (The Tools menu displays along the left side of the page. On smaller screens it appears below the main content.) Selecting that menu option will open a contact form where you can send a thumbnail request.

You can also submit thumbnail requests using the fillable/printable PDF form on the Orders page, and then email/mail the form to us.

Books Menu Item -

Added a new menu option for Books. On this page, we will link to any books related to Butler County — both history books and books by area authors.

At this time, the page has information on the Boston Studio Collection book by Susan R. McLain and the two history books related to Marietta schools (Presentation Parish, Luxemburg).

More research links -

Added a link to a State of Nebraska site which includes historical maps.

Reworked the existing Nebraska State Surveyor map links.

Research link -

Added a link to the main menu to a page that has a list of external links for additional research on Butler County.

Home page photo -

Restored some of the content from the original home page, including the photo of a girl having tea with her stuffed rabbit and doll. That photo is from October 1910 and is of Dorothy Rich, born ca. 1904.