Books Related to Butler County

Butler County: The Boston Studio Collection

Book, title: Butler County — The Boston Studio Collection

A picture book about the Boston Studio Collection was published in 2009 by Arcadia Publishing. It was compiled and edited with the help of author Susan R. McLain. We have several copies of this book in stock — contact us at the David City Library for more information.

July 2023 update: Our supply of this book is now very limited. You can get a digital copy for the Amazon Kindle reader or possibly find a used copy for sale on Amazon.

Marietta School History Books

The Marietta Alumni Association has published history books for both the Marietta (St. Mary's) Grade School and Marietta High School. Use the following links to download PDF versions of the books:

You can also order printed copies from

We have a few print copies in stock — contact us for more information.