Purchasing information:

  • If the item has not been scanned, send us a thumbnail request form
  • Images may be purchased as either digital images or prints -- see below for details
  • Fill out a Photograph Order Form and return it to us: printable form or fillable form
  • Payment is required before orders are produced and delivered
  • Payment can be by cash or check, or we can send a PayPal payment request

Image Information:

  • Images from the photographic collections are available as prints or digital JPEGs
    • Format - available as either black-and-white or color prints (depending on the original image)
    • Digital - JPEG ($5) at a resolution suitable for a 5x7 print
    • Prints - 5x7 ($10) or 8x10 ($15)
    • Images are licensed for personal use - contact us for commercial use
  • Images from the Tombstone collection:
    • Tombstone information and images on our website are available for free for personal use
    • Contact us if you need additional research on a person

Shipping, handling, and taxes:

  • A $5 fee is required for shipping and handling for printed photos
  • The $5 fee is also required for any digital orders sent by postal mail
  • We charge sales tax for all orders in Nebraska


  • View our License Agreement for allowed usage of our images