• Reynold's Studio

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    The Reynolds Studio was the first photography studio in David City, NE.

    The owner, Francis “Frank” Marion Reynolds was born April 11, 1849, in Peru, Indiana, the son of Benjamin and Sarah (Lower) Reynolds. The family moved to a farm in Iowa in 1852. Frank Reynolds opened his first photography studio in Harlan, Iowa, and there he met his wife, Jessie Fremont Cobb. They were married 10/23/1883. In 1885, they moved to David City, and Frank opened his business on the south side of the downtown business square. For 10 years he was the only photographer in David City. In 1917, Frank retired at the age of 70, having been in business for 32 years. He amassed a collection of over 40,000 glass negatives of town and country scenes and portraits of some of the early settlers. Upon his retirement, he kept a few negatives of personal interest but sold the bulk of the 40,000 negatives to a wholesale house in St. Louis, MO. Frank and Jessie moved to Kansas City, where Frank died March 3, 1934. He is buried in Kansas City.