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    The Banner-Press is a Butler County, Nebraska, once-weekly newspaper publication, owned and operated by Lee Enterprises.

    Negatives taken for publication in the newspaper from the early 1950‘s until the advent of digital photography have been donated to the Boston Studio Project for preservation purposes. Names and topics (if known) have been entered into a searchable database. When searching for an individual, it may be helpful to enter the name of a business, school, organization or activity. Examples: Jobs Daughters, Chamber of Commerce, Football Team, Fire, Storm, Trowbridge Motors, etc. Multiple images or poses were taken for each newspaper story, many of which were never published in the newspaper.

    Images in the Banner-Press collection can often be linked to a previous Banner-Press story. Back issues of the Banner-Press can be found on microfilm in the Heritage Room at the Hruska Memorial Library. If you would like to find a Banner-Press story associated with one of the images but are unable to search the Banner-Press microfilm yourself, you may submit a request for “More Information”. If information is found, you will then be contacted with details about the cost of copies or digital files. At this time, very few Banner-Press negatives have been scanned.