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Thanks to many volunteers, every cemetery in Butler County has been walked and every tombstone has been photographed. When possible, a list of occupants (including those without tombstones) and a cemetery map was obtained. When a list or map was not available, the list and map were created by volunteers.

There are 45 Cemeteries in Butler County, ranging in size from one tombstone to over 3,000. Each tombstone was photographed at least once. Some tombstones were photographed as many as four times. The database on this website contains the names, birth date, death date, one photo of the tombstone, the name of the Cemetery and the tombstone's location within the cemetery. A list of each cemetery in the county may be seen by selecting the Browse the Butler County Cemeteries option. Clicking on one of the Cemeteries in the list will bring up a new page that provides directions on how to find the Cemetery, one or more photos of the Cemetery entrance (when applicable), a cemetery map that can be printed and an option to browse all the stones in that cemetery. You can also search that cemetery for a particular tombstone by entering a name into the search box. Clicking on the entrance photo will enlarge the image.

Selecting the Image Search - All Graves option from the list at the right side of this page will conduct a search through all Butler County Cemeteries. If you are not getting the results you want, please read the Search Suggestions option by selecting it from the right side of the page. Search results will be listed by name along with one tombstone image, birth date, death date and the grave location within the Cemetery. Clicking on one of tombstone images will produce a separate page with all the data listed, plus the option to purchase a 3”x5” color photo of the tombstone or “Purchase a Fact Sheet”.

Fact Sheets are available for each person buried in Butler County. Fact Sheets cost $5.00 each and will be emailed to you as a PDF file for viewing or printing. It features:

  • Every photo taken of the stone (1-4)
  • All available data, which may include: name of spouse, name of children, maiden name, military service, marriage date, place of birth, place of death, cause of death, year of immigration, profession, etc.
  • The location of the grave within the cemetery

The amount of information contained on the Fact Sheet varies greatly depending on whether obituary or history book information was available to volunteers. The Fact Sheet (example) is available for your convenience.also lists:

  • Cemetery name
  • All photos of the cemetery (1-5)
  • Directions to the cemetery

The Research Request option allows you to submit a request to local genealogy experts asking for more specific information about the individual. You will be asked to list all information you have about the person and then select which specific things you are looking for (newspaper articles, probate of will, obituary, etc.). When research has been completed, you will be sent a list of the information that has been found, the cost of the information and how best to deliver the information (email or regular post). There are no “up front” charges but the cost is payable before the information is delivered. Fees collected for genealogy research will be channeled through the Boston Studio Project, the Butler County Genealogy Society and the Hruska Memorial Library and will used to enhance the genealogy research facilities in Butler County.

Orders may be placed via this website using a major credit card, or the Tombstone Order Form may be printed and sent to the Boston Studio Project along with a personal check using the link below and the address listed at the bottom of the form. A signed License Agreement, a completed Order Form for each photo requested and a check for the entire amount must accompany each order.

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