Search Suggestions

There are two separate search options. Tombstones images are searched independently of the other Collections. If you are searching for a Tombstone, click on the “Image Search – All Graves” option from the list at the right.  All other Collections are searched by selecting “Image Search – All Collections”.

Searching for Tombstones

Enter “last name, first name” into the Name Field on the Search page. If the search does not result in any matches or does not contain the name you are searching for, try entering the last name only and then scrolling through the list of names. The name on the tombstone may be spelled differently (Reha for Riha, etc.) or the person may have been known by their middle name but are listed by their first name on their tombstone and in the database. Take into account that some names have a variety of spellings (Kathy, Cathy, Kathryn, Katerina, Katrina, etc.) and then there is always the chance for human error (on the tombstone or in typing the database)! If you think there has been a typing error or the information is in error, please contact us by email or phone. We are happy to correct errors and want this data to be as accurate and easy to find as possible.

All the tomsbtones in Butler County have been photographed as of 11/1/2009. Deaths since that time have been noted. Their names will be added to the database and their tombstones photographed as time allows.


Searching for All Other Images


Enter a proper name (last name, first name) or subject (Business, horse, chicken, etc.). The search will be conducted through all the collections and results will be displayed in the order of best match.


If the image has been scanned, it will be displayed (along with the name, date and Collection). By clicking on a specific image, a separate page will be displayed. Clicking on the small “thumbnail” image will enlarge it. The Purchase Print option will also be displayed, in case you are ready to order.

Not all images have been scanned. If the database information is listed but there is no image displayed, it is because we have not yet scanned that particular image. Make a note of the Image or Negative Number and the name listed in the database. If there are nine or less images that you would like to view but they have not yet been scanned, you can submit a Thumbnail Request Form free of charge. Simply click on the Submit Thumbnail Request button, fill in the Negative Number and database Name in the appropriate fields as well as your personal information at the bottom of the page and send it to the Boston Studio Office by email or mail. Within 14 days, a thumbnail image will be emailed or sent to you to view and ultimately added to the website. Thumbnail Requests for more than nine images will be charged a $5.00 scanning fee.


All of the databases for the various Collections have specific challenges that make searching difficult. The Boston Studio database was typed directly from the business ledgers that recorded the name of the person who purchased the photo and not necessarily the name of the person being photographed. Sometimes a relative paid for the photo of a visiting relative or friend. Searching for businesses or buildings is challenging because the database entry will most often be the name of the person who purchased the photo. All of the images in the A.V. Thomas, Private and Reynolds Collections have been scanned, so it may be helpful to “Browse” those Collections in their entirety. Searching by key words such as “downtown, business, building, historic, school, or church” may also bring about successful results.


Many of the high schools in Butler County had their entire graduating class, lower grades, teachers, athletic teams, Homecoming, Prom, activities and classes photographed by the Boston Studio. Searching for an entire class at a particular school is easiest when entering the following school names and graduating year as listed below (Example: DCHS Class of 1935).

David City High School = DCHS Class of 19__      East Butler High School = EBHS Class of 19__ 

Aquinas High School = AHS Class of 19__      Dwight Assumption = Dwight HS Class of 19__

Marietta 8th Grade Class of 19__ or St. Mary's Class of __ or Luxemburg Class of  __ 

Bellwood HS Class of 19__         Octavia HS Class of 19__         Ulysses HS Class of 19__        

Rising City High School = RCHS Class of 19__         Brainard HS Class of 19__ 

Shelby HS Class of 19__         Surprise HS Class of 19__         Bruno HS Class of 19__