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Title Negative Number Date Remarks Image
Buckner, A. W. A36 8/6/1907
Boston, Huldah J. A35 8/6/1907
Anderson, Roscoe A339 11/30/1907
Bean, Ruby Miss A337-2 11/30/1907
Gill, Theo. A334 11/29/1907
Marquis, Floyd A330-2 11/27/1907
Marquis, Floyd A330-1 11/27/1907
Coufal, Anton A329-3 11/27/1907
Dostal, Edward A328 11/27/1907
Meister, Conrad A700 5/21/1908
Stearns, R.J. A325 11/27/1907
Kriz, Louis A323-2 11/26/1907
Kriz, Louis A323-1 11/26/1907
Otoupalik, Victor A32-2 8/5/1907
Steiner, Mary (Sand) FAM253
Folda, Emil 3594b 2/22/1901
Unknown Children FAM254
Butler County Fair BBP609-6 1963
Butler County Fair BBP609-7 1963
Butler County Fair BBP609-8 1963