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Title Negative Number Date Remarks Image
Martins, Guy A790 6/18/1908
Birkel, Frank A789-3 6/15/1908
Birkel, Frank A789-2 6/15/1908
Birkel, Frank A789-1 6/15/1908
Nichols, H.M. family & Nichols, J. D. family A784 6/13/1908
Harris, Ralph Mrs. A783 6/13/1908
Klingeman, Carl A753 6/5/1908
Fuller, Louis A742 6/1/1908
Havlik, John Mrs. A741 6/1/1908
Hormel, F.L. Mrs. A738-3 5/29/1908
Hormel, F.L. Mrs. A738-2 5/29/1908
Sabata, Frank J. A737 5/29/1908
Hilger, Victor A734 5/28/1908
Hilger, Victor A733 5/28/1908
Bouton, Harry A706 5/21/1908
Dawson, Estella and Green, Jessie A395 12/11/1907
Dawson, Estella (Green, Paul Mrs.) A394 12/11/1907
Osterhout, Fay Miss A38 8/6/1907
Osterhout, Fay Miss A39 8/6/1907
Osterhout, Fay Miss A37 8/6/1907