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Title Negative Number Date Remarks Image
Kinnison, W.A. A21 8/3/1907
Hoffman, Fritz A279 11/5/1907
Kilgore, Jennie A2 7/20/1907
Hoffman, Fritz A279 11/5/1907
Hoffman, Fritz A279 11-5-1907
Rerucha, Joseph P. Family Reunion FAM230 1940
Divis, Leo and Louise FAM229
First Communion and Confirmation Class FAM228
Rerucha, Joseph P. Children FAM227
Bowman, J.L. A977 9/19/1908
Gibson, Edna Miss A95 8/29/1907
Chmelka, Frank H. A943 9/2/1908
Meysenburg, S.D. A942 9/1/1908
Dobrusky, Rudolph A803 7/3/1908
Feidler, Lucy A801-2 7/3/1908
Feidler, Lucy A801-1 7/3/1908
Kinzer, Louis Mrs. A80 8/24/1907
Evans, Della Mrs. A8 7/25/1907
Nantkes, H. W. A799 6/29/1908
Nantkes, U. C. A798 6/29/1908