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Title Negative Number Datesort icon Remarks Image
Unknown Children REN22
Steiner, Katherine Loretta - Homan REN14
Steiner, Nicholas M. REN15
Steiner, Nicholas M. REN16
Meysenburg, Katherine A. - Smith REN17
Unknown Child BSN637
St. Peters Marietta or Presentation Church FAM252-1
St. Peters Marietta or Presentation Church - Close Up FAM252-2
Koch, Theresa FAM195

Murray - Dougherty, Theresa (Koch), b. 1879 in Lincoln, NE, d. 1964 in Alliance, NE.  Daughter of Constand & Anna (Wilhelm) Koch. 

Acker, George FAM183

Photo taken abt. 1916.  Acker, Lorenz George (b. 12-3-1893 in NE, d. 4-7-1975 in Scottsbluff, NE) and bride Beeson, Helen (b. 10-5-1893 in Creston, IA, d. 7-30-1987 in Scottsbluff, NE). 

Koch, Minnie FAM185

Taken at Keene Studio in David City, NE.  Koch, Minnie b. 11-1881.  Daughter of Constant & Anna (Wilhelm) Koch.  Married Robert McQuilkin. 

Schweser Grocery Store FAM201

John & George Schweser owned and operated a grocery store in downtown David City.  Schweser, George (man in center with white shirt and bow tie) b. 2-4-1864 in ILL, d. 1-3-1923 in NE, buried in DC Cemetery.  Schweser, Elmore (young man in white shirt and bow tie) son of John Schweser (George's brother), b. 8-9-1894 in NE, d. 1-14-1984 in Idaho.  Gustave Schweser, brother of George & John, also worked in the grocery store for several years. 

Acker, Mamie FAM200

Acker, Mamie b. 12-1-1891 in NE, d. 4-25-1972 in Alliance, NE. 

Lowe, Abigail Holdren and Brown, Sarah (Lowe) FAM277
Lowe, Abigail Holdren and Brown, Sarah (Lowe) FAM277
Flood - Submerged Bridge BP831-5

Negative in envelope marked "Photo Lab NH 425".

House BP831-4

Negative in envelope marked "Photo Lab NH 425".

Unknown Retail Store BSN631

Photo probably taken between 1895-1910, perhaps in downtown David City.  Photographer unknown.  Photo from the Lenore Schweser Firebaugh Collection, so the store may have been owned or operated by a Schweser. 

Steam Engine and Train FAM234
Burlington Railroad Depot FAM236