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Title Negative Number Datesort icon Remarks Image
Unknown Man FAM221
Talbot, Mary FAM217
Brainard Grade School Classroom FAM218
Matoush Harness Shop, Smersh’s Drug Store and Falk’s Store FAM219
Smith, Estella (Thorpe) FAM206
ZCBJ Hall FAM207
Talbot, Lyle and Henderson, Ed FAM211
Talbot, Lyle and Henderon, Anna (Nielsen) FAM212
Talbot, Lyle and Parents FAM213
Rural Storm Damage BP831-7 Request Thumbnail
Henderson, Ed and Henderson, Anna FAM250
Henderson, Ed and Henderson, Anna FAM250
Unknown Woman REN26
Unknown Couple REN24
Ulysses Depot FAM241
Bellwood Train Depot FAM239
Koch, Theresa FAM188

Daughter of Koch, Constant & Anna.  Born 1879 in NE.  1st husband - James Dougherty.  2nd Husband - ? Murray.  Died in 1964 in Alliance, Box Butte Co., NE. 

Koch, Lizzie and unknown woman FAM191

Koch, Elizabeth Ann, b. 6-10-1875, d. 5-6-1968.  Later married Schweser, George M.  Lizzie is seated on the right. 

Butler County Fairgrounds - Roundhouse BBP1306-1
Otoupalik Store FAM248-2