Barlean Studio Collection

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The Barlean Studio was a portrait photographic studio operated by Gina Barlean from 1992 to 1998. The Studio was located in the Thorpe Opera House building on the south side of the downtown business square in David City, Nebraska.

Most of the images are portraits. Very few of the negatives from the Barlean Collection have been scanned at this time but a database containing customer names has been added to this website. To request that an image be scanned and a Thumbnail produced, select the "Image Search - All Collections. Enter the last name (or last name, first name) of the image you are searching for. If the name is listed but no image is shown, select the Thumbnail Request option and record the negative number as well as your customer information on the form and send it via email to the Boston Studio office at the Hruska Memorial Library. Volunteers will locate and scan the image, send you a Thumbnail of that image via email and post the image on the website. After searching and finding the desired image, a photographic print may be purchased by selecting the Order Photo option.

Browse the Barlean Collection. Browsing displays all the images that have been scanned to date in this Collection.