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This website contains thousands of historic images of people and places in Butler County, Nebraska, and the surrounding area.

This website has been created by an all-volunteer, non-profit, historic preservation organization. It is governed by a local volunteer Board that includes members of the Butler County Genealogy Society, The Thorpe, Inc. Board, several members of the Hruska Library staff and a member-at-large.

Volunteers originally dubbed themselves the Boston Studio Project, because their first (and at the time, their only) task was to organize, clean and catalog over 68,000 negatives from the Boston Studio. Work began in 2002 and has now grown to include a variety of other historic image collections. Descriptions of each collection may be accessed by clicking on one of the Collections from the list on the right side of this page. Images in each Collection may be “browsed” or searched for a specific name or subject. There are over 30,000 images and over 100,000 database entries on this website. Many of the negatives have not yet been scanned but the names associated with the un-scanned negatives can be accessed by searching the database. Submitting a Thumbnail Request Form will alert volunteers to find and scan a particular negative. Up to nine Thumbnail requests are allowed free of charge.


Photographic prints of all images are available for sale. The Book, “Butler County: The Boston Studio Collection”, and note cards are available for sale in the Gift Shop. Genealogical information and obituaries may also be requested via this website. All money generated from sales and donations will be used to fund the historic preservation of Butler County, Nebraska, images and to upgrade and improve the genealogical research facilities in Butler County.

Upon request, volunteers will scan the negative or photo. A thumbnail image will be added to the website and you will notified via email when it is ready for viewing . Requests for 10 or more Thumbnail images will be charged a $5.00 scanning fee.

All images are copyrighted by The Boston Studio Project and intended for private use only. Images cannot be reproduced or sold without the written consent of the Boston Studio Project. Boston studio offices are currently located in the Hruska Memorial Library, 399 N. 5th Street, David City, NE, 68632. All images are owned byThe Thorpe, Inc. a non-profit 501(c)(3) corporation whose mission is "to provide a facility to preserve the past, enrich the present and foster future community growth".